Books that we have and found useful
This Book was read over and over again when we first breed. But even if you do not intend to bread but have a bitch, it is well worth getting this book to understand your girls hormones :) and to enable you to be aware of any signs that may hint at a female aliment
This is an excellent First Aid Book and more. A book you will go to whenever in doubt.
Life always gets in the way of me sitting down and reading this book all the way through. But every time that i do get to pick it up, i enjoy
We bought the complete set of David Lisett Dvd's from the Buccleuch Kennels when they first came out, and they are invaluable. David takes you through the whole process of training your Springer, a process that you need to take your dog through no matter what its age when you first start training him/her. We spend two days with David a year, even though the journey is far it is certainly worth it to learn from the master or as the Americans have named David, the Gundog Whisper.
I shall put more books up as soon as I get a chance :)
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