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        Our first English Springer Spaniel was a 4 month old rescue dog, from Last Chance Rescue centre, who had saved him from a welsh puppy farm with his brothers and sisters. When we went into the stable we saw six wide eyed puppies, all huddled up in the corner. We knelt to the ground and they all came to us one by one, but there was one that jumped straight onto us and stayed there throughout. Rapps had picked us, and was not going to leave us alone for one minute.

        For the next year he would never let us out of his sight, deprived of any human contact and love as a puppy, he was not going to let it go now that he had found it. We found out that within the year, all of his brothers and sisters were taken back to the rescue centre because the owners could not cope with the behavioural problems these puppies had acquired in the welsh puppy farm, but Rapps gave us so much love we could never send him back. When he was 9 months old, it was found that Rapps had Hip and Knee dysplasia in both legs due to bad breeding.

        Rapps had formed my opinion that not only was there a need to stop these puppy farms, there was also a need to encourage good breeders. For after all ,if all the good breeders leave through bad publicity caused by the bad ones, all you are left with is the bad breeders whose main concern is profit making, without any care for the bitches or the puppies they are breeding.

        During the following years we acquired Bella & then Alfie both having good pedigrees and both being loving stable dogs, even though Alfie didn't join us until he was six months old. It was then that we decided we would breed from these two and do it the correct way giving the puppies as much love and stimuli as we could. Too then find only kind caring and loving owners for our puppies.

        We now have two more English springer spaniels, our Mia and Jay jay, but have lost Rapps. Mia is Bella and Alfie's daughter, and Jay jay is Mia's daughter by FTCH Deepfleet Jay. Our little Mia is now working on shoots and Jay jay at 7 months old is in training.

We can't wait till we get to keep one of Jay jay's puppies.

Update on our family

Yes we added two more

Our wonderful

Tinks & Ellie

who are Mia's & Ftch Deepfleet Jays pups

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