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Team Biographies

We are blessed with four wonderful springers.

Bella and Alfie


Bella & Alfie,who are Mia's parents and Jay Jays grandparents, are both in retirement now after producing some wonderful litters for us. They have been kind and caring parents and wonderful grandparents to Mia's puppies.

We have always said of Bella that her nose was super glued to the floor at birth, she is something to behold when following a scent line. Whilst Alfie will retrieve all day if you let him.

Both have a natural quartering pattern, which we never had to show them how to do, and will push their way into any cover whilst hunting!

Both Alife and Bella have many Ftch but here are just a tiny few that have been picked out. 

Alfie's pedigree:

Edwardiana Tay is the litter brother to FTCh Edwardiana Tweed owned by David Lisett - FTCh Edwardiana Tweed won the Irish Championship and was placed 2nd at the British in the same year.

FTCh Laganmill Malvern was full litter brother to FTCh Laganmill Maestro but sired more.

FTCh Toonarmy Torrent was owned by Peter Richardson of Toonarmy Spaniels in Newcastle. He always had stylish and hard hunting dogs.

FTCh Jenoren Boss is one hell of a hard hunting dog!

FTCh Kenine Robb of Rytex was owned by D J A Openshaw and handled by his son Ian Openshaw and was the top sire of it's time.

FTCh Cindy of Antrim was an Irish dog owned by Damien Kelly. Cindy produced Int FTCh Anahoe Dusty another Irish dog owned by Damien.

The Birdrowe breeding comes also from Ireland and is the affix of Tim Crothers and A Panel Spaniel judge from Ireland.

Bella's pedigree:

Parkbreck is the affix of the Colclough family. Carl and Mark have won the cocker Championship in previous years.

FTCh Badgercourt Moss was owned by Carl Colclough and actually sired around 14 FTCh's in his time putting a lot into the breed.

The Badgercourt line was Peter Commbes' breeding who sadly passed away a few years ago but his dogs were an excellent line of Springers. Many of today's Field Trialling springers have the Badgercourt breeding in them.

FTCh Robbson of Gwibernant was Keith Erlandson's breeding.

Coverfire of Gavosie was owned by Graham Evans from Staffordshire and was another hard hunting spaniel.

Ir FTCh Badgercourt Warlord was owned by Mick Delorey from Ireland who judged the Irish Championship 2 years ago with Mark Whitehouse at Glenarm. This dog sired Int FTCh Phillips Girl who went on to win the 1997/98 British Championship.

You will find Below are the actual pedigrees of our Alfie and Bella's and also of Ftch Deepfleet Jay who we have put Mia to.

Alfinmarsh Andromeda


My wonderful Mia, who has been kind enough to give me many wonderful days working with her.

A dog worthy of a far better handler than I. She has been highly praised on her speed, whilst still being totally thorough on her game finding. David Lisett (winner of the 2010 English springer spaniel championships, and many more) said of Mia

"You could shoot over her all day".

She has also been a very good mother, and sister to Bella and Alfie's puppies. Two shooting seasons under her belt and she has been an angel throughout.

Alfinmarsh Jays Justice


Our Little Jay Jay by our Mia and

Ftch Deepfleet Jay

She is 8 months old and a little star, also a little toe rag spoilt by all! Her grandparents (Alfie and Bella) and her mother have turned into a tag team. Bella normally takes first position, and when she tires playing with Jay Jay she'll tag Alfie, and so it goes on.

She looks as if she is going to be a very stylish little dog but for now all training is aimed at fun!

Photo taken by Ali Packham. You can find Ali at

Ftch Deepfleet Jay's Pedigree

Owned by the wonderful

Peter Avery from the very successful

Deepfleet Kennels


Alfie & Bella's Pedigree's

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