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Great fun with the Dummy Launcher

We took Jay Jay out twice yesterday and both times worked her on the dummy Launcher. 
Jay Jay had gone through a stage were she didn't trust me on knowing where the dummies would be and therefore took it upon herself to find it. Because of this we have been concentrating on her directional work at short distance and she has come good once again, so the the plan was to check her directional work at long distances.
Gary positioned 25 foot-ish in front of us, two dummies sent over 100ft forward, one to the left and one to the right making a slim triangle with Gary being the head of it.
I sent Jay Jay for the first dummy thrown. She went straight out and picked it up. Once back to me I sent her for the second dummy thrown. She got near to the area when I put in a stop whistle to check the brakes, and then gave her the hand direction, she found it and came back. The long grass helped as she could not see it when she got near and as always it is a joy to watch a her nose in action.
We did another one same set up (two dummy triangle) except I stopped her 3/4 off the way out and redirected her onto the other, that she also did. On the third one however she decided to ignore the stop whistle, so out i trotted picked her up and placed her where she should of sat, and left her in that sit position whilst Gary and I found the dummies, it always takes us far longer to find the dummies than the dogs, he he he!
Took her back to where we had started and stood there whilst Gary fired the dummies out, once again and I sent her, getting her to pick the first thrown and then the second with direction, she did all I asked of her.
We finished with Gary sending one dummy out and as she was on her way for it, Gary fired another one out. She was an angel, she sat as soon as she heard the dummy launcher shoot and marked the fall. I then gave her the hand signal to continue onto the first one, but she went to start heading off for the one she had just watched fall, so I put in a stop whistle and she stopped, gave her the signal to go back for the first one once again and she took the command. She picked up the first one came back and then was allowed to go get the second one.
It is so useful to have a second person with you when training a luxury I don't often have. But then again if you do these things to much, the dog starts to watch the chap with the dummy launcher when you quarter them, not something you want. So maybe it is for the good that I rarely get that helper :)

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