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The first of the month and it feels wonderful.

The first of the month and it feels wonderful.
Yesterday was the first day in an age, that all dogs got out for a walk or training session, it feels an age since that has happened.
Mia was first out, I think she loved warm sunshine and the wind blowing through
her undercarriage, those ta ta's get so hot, he he he.
 She was the first one to come across a crow that could not fly, it just hopped (happily) by the gate at the bottom of the field. No trouble to Mia or vice versa, Mia being a shoot pro.   
 Jay Jay was next and was fab today, back to her old self :)) 
 She and I do not perform well in front of people, my nerves take over and affect her but on shoot we are lost in the enjoyment of it and surrounded by such warm friendly people, nerves do not come into it.
In the afternoon, Nicky came over with Honey and Henry (Alfie & Bella's children) and a flask of coffee to keep me awake on the walk, wise girl that Nicky. Our four thoroughly enjoy going out together and being able to watch them is our joy. Though no more woods for a while as they came back covered in sweethearts. Nicky is a very nasty lady to Alfie as when he is covered in them, she calls him
'King of the Faires, now how mean is that? he he he!
Apparently Alfie came running down the lane and literally collided with the crow, both jumping up into the air upon doing so and then carrying on their merry ways. I did not see it as I had just walked into the field and had called Alfie to let him know of our direction, but Nicky was on the path and so she saw it all :)
Bless my boy, he is so funny sometimes.
It was also the first time in an age that I slept in the bed, bliss, I had nearly 5 hours sleep, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
One of the puppies had an infection in the eye and it being so painful to the poor mite, and her being so young therefore unable to have painkillers, she stopped drinking and she nearly gave up the fight :(
But we nursed her, Mia being totally understanding about me plonking the pup in front of her to clean, and then taking the pup away to keep her warm and to drip feed her by syringe. 
The vet gave us antibiotics for the pup and eye cream and we bathed the eye every hour with warm water.
Now Bella-Mia (the pups name) is feeding from Mia once again and is back with the litter full time. She is also piling the weight back on.
We are at the vets tonight with the little girl for a check up on the eye, so fingers crossed all will be well :)
As for me, I'm going to have another cup of coffee and hopefully tonight, 5 more hours sleep, blissssss!

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