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What a Difference a day makes

What a Difference a day makes
yesterday morning was horrid as it was still raining when I awoke, though thankfully it cleared up as the day went on, yet this Morning looked very promising indeed.
At 5'30 I was  sitting at the computer looking out of the window between typing, and the sky was already a wonderful blue with just the right amount of fluffy stuff.
The Crocosmia 'Lucifer' held drops of morning dew on the tip of each striking pleated leaf, I could fill the garden with that divine plant.
The dogs had been feed etc and the puppies had partaken in their food. The mess they and myself get into is amazing and the smell of it last for an age. The bit that has us chuckling, is the rush they seem to get from it, It is almost as if you had let them into a sweetie shop without supervision :)
It nearly gave Moses and Lizzy the 'Puppy Power' to climb out of the whelping box. Thankfully the buzz wore off just in time to keep them in the pen, Phew!
Though I cannot complain about the weather yesterday as Vicki and I stayed dry on our walk through the fields, and I stayed dry for the training of Jay Jay and then Mia's chance to stretch her legs:)
Alfie however has developed a sore eye, more than likely damage caused whilst forcing his way into the many brambles bushes in the woods where Vicki and I stop for our Baileys coffee :) So Tomoorow we are off to the vets with him :(
Nicky (who has two Alfinmarsh dogs) came over in the afternoon with her daughter Hannah. Both wanting a cuddle and play with pups and in return for letting them through the door we gets socialised puppies :)) One sad thing I must point out though is that Nicky these past two years has always come to puppy play with 2 coffee's in hand, something she did not do this time :(((( Naughty Nicky, he he he
Nicky came back for a walk this morning with her Honey and Henry and our Bella, and this time she did come with something, PUPPY wormers, well done Nicky :))
It was a lovely walk through two ponds and the Brickyard woods with all 3 dogs coming back looking a bit mucky but very happy.
I was able to point out some hot spots for Nicky's photographic skills to be used and advice her on some tricks to help Honey stop focusing so much on the new pet bunnies that now live in Honey and Henry's garden.
So I have had a very enjoyable two days because of the wonderful people who own Alfinmarsh puppies. I am a very lucky person

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claire Brookes on 14 June 2011 16:23
Must say Tina, It's lovely to be able to hear all about the Alfinmarsh puppies... Thank you for sharing this special occasion. x
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Anonymous on 14 June 2011 16:33
Thank you Claire, and it's my pleasure :)
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Nicky Winterton on 22 June 2011 19:47
Promise to bring coffee next time Tina!
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