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Good Times

Well, we had sun at last and we were all enjoying it, now it has gone. Bella had been sunning herself inbetween winding herself up by watching the chicks, just in the hope one would fly to high and land on her side of the fence :)
Alfie watched all his girls either sunning, playing or stressing over the chicks and he did so in his manly superior yet totally 'chilled out'way.
Alfie & Bella are the worst children in the house especially when it comes to their grandkids, Alfie just cannot resist playing with Ellie his favourite grandaughter and Bella cannot resist playing with Tinks. All four have a game every morning first Ellie and Alfie and and then Tinks and Bella play tag team whilst Alfie and Ellie catch their breathe, the grandparents are worse than their grandchildren, bless them.
Thankfully they sleep well because of it and often,
every morning and every evening we see the scene in the pic...fast asleep dogs all cuddled up together, warms our hearts.
We still haven't got into a routine of training Ellie and Tinks yet but we are starting to and starting to get them out and giving them little tasters to see what they are like. Saturday Tinks had her first rabbit and her 2nd time swimming. We had been out shooting with Jay Jay and had shot two rabbits, one being small so therefore perfect in size for Tinks. We took the opportunity and placed the rabbit in the grass for Tinks to find, and I then legged it back for her. I worked her onto it and bless her she didn't pick it up but that was ok as we just threw it for her to enable her to make the connection of what we wanted her to do and as you can see she went and picked it up, bless.
Then she had a swim for her tennis ball and even held onto it whilst shaking, so I am a very pleased with her.  Especially so after she scared the life out of herself when she took a leap of faith straight into the lake even before she had learnt how to paddle, something I have never seen a dog do.
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Tinks 12.5 .12.wmv
Tinks had her first rabbit and her 2nd time swimming today :)) We had been out shooting with Jay Jay and had got two rabbits, one being a babe ahhhhhh :( Took the opportunity and placed it in the gras...
We have managed to get Jay Jay to the rabbit pens again which is brilliant, for her and myself, except when I fall :) Though thankfully I never hurt my knee as I made sure that when I did land I did not hit the knee as there is no way I want to be out of action again for as long as I was. 
Jay Jay and I are really enjoying life at the mo, fingers crossed that continues.
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Our Mistakes 2.4.12.wmv
Jay Jay would say1) 'Well you stopped me so where is the rabbit?' :))2) 'Now where has that women gone? Oh there you are' :))3) 'Yipeeeeeee we've hit rabbits' :))4) 'Opps, I did that wrong, ...

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