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Ellie & Tinks First Year

Well, are two youngest are a year old and it s so hard to believe that fact.
These two sweeties, as you all know are sisters from the same litter and have been left untouched for most of the year.
We took the decision when i had the fall down the stairs, to 'not touch them' until I could run, bend and happily move as one needs to when training
young dogs. Normally we train from the get go, all fun training but still training, and I would be a liar to say I didn't worry as the months ticked by over whether we had made the right decision
We hoped and prayed that it would not be the wrong decision and that with our work we do with each Litter, giving them a lot of stimuli and socialisation before they leave us to go to there new homes, and basically by not doing anything with them that  might cause trouble when we did start the training.
We had people say of Ellie that she would have so much trouble all the time with her eye, and touch wood she has had none. I even had one person say that their dog was useless at smelling and not much drive, which they put down to the fact that their dog had only one eye. Our Little Ellie has so much drive and a very good nose and is fully, if not to much., switched on :)
We also have heard over the years 'oh noooooooo you shouldn't keep two from a litter as they will not bond with you' etc.  People often say that they keep their dogs totally on their own in kennels so they do not pair with another dog diminishing ( as they see it) their bond with the dog, saying to do all of this just makes it so hard for training.
But we had no issues with Mia and Jay Jay when we kept them with their mother and couldn't see their bond between the two of them getting into the way of our bond with them. The human bond was the worry for me, particular worry as Gary was the one who would do most of the playing with Tinks and Ellie as they grew as I could not kneel down to do so, meaning Tinks at one point was certainly more bonded with Gary.
BUT we have now started training and our wild pups have started their journey to hopefully many many years on shoot having fun with us.
Tinks is bonding well with me and I think she is a little sweetheart who is so like her older sister Jay jay it is uncanny.  There seems to be no issues caused by having kept her sister, or through the lack of training over the moths. Yes if I was to do a list of what Jay Jay could do by one years of age and what Tinks can now do, the gap would be huge BUT if we compare them by length of time they have been trained, the boards would be equal.
Neither Gary or I have regretted keeping the two, and they have given us great joy and have enriched the pack individually.
May we also take this opportunity to say
Thank You To All The Alfinmarsh Owners
We have always felt blessed by the people who have become Alfinmarsh owners. They have been wonderful to the Alfinmarsh pups and many have become close and dear friends, we promise to take more care of you all over the following year
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