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New Regime, First Aid Kit, Stop to flush, and come on over

Well, what a summer, we are looking forward towards September and the end of a hard year, though the dogs have been such a joy to us, as always. 
picture taken by Ali Packham
Now is the time though to up their training, well mainly on Mias' part her exercise but it all rolls into one, training equals exercise. We have been taking them out more often (not often enough) and doing quite a bit of swimming but their fitness levels are still low, though not for long.
Their new fitness regime will be Reservoir walks, once a day for Mia to start with and twice a day for Jay Jay, plus each will have 15 minutes training in the side garden in the morning with another 30 minute session each in the afternoon. The afternoon session will mean both Mia and Jay Jay will get 3 sessions of hunting a week and 3 of direction work a week. Then late evening, another walk around the reservoir or field for the two of them, or a shooting session.
For Ellie & Tinks a quick 15 minute session each in the morning
 and then a 20 minute session in the afternoon.
Leaving Alfie and Bella who will have a lovely of-the-lead fun run together through the fields, about 45 mins and a 10 minute training session each out in the side garden in the afternoon.
These session are where Bella will whip her waist into shape with the dancing moves, he he he 
That will all add up to 4 walks a day for me and a possible 8-9 training sessions per day, that will teach us to have 6 dogs. Still, life has a nasty way of getting in the way when it comes to getting the dogs out, hopefully it won't get in the way this time as all the dogs deserve to get out everyday and if I expect Mia and Jay Jay to do a days full work on a shoot, they have to be fit enough for them to enjoy it to the full maximum. I also need to be fit enough to keep up with them, though boy are my feet going to moan about this :)
Early mornings and late evenings over the next few months is something I will happily do to enjoy being out on the shoots with the our dogs & Gary this winter.
And with every saturday of the season from the first week in October booked for us, plus some I am expecting to get (not many) that fall on a week day, all I can say is,
roll on the shooting season, though thank the lord I have 2 months to get us fit :) Oh, and roll on the 14th when I get injections into both feet to relieve the pain, can't wait.
First aid kit, even on normal walks
I was reminded when out on a walk with one of the puppy owners that I was without my first aid kit when we came across 'Tree Bees' that the dogs disturbed. Thankfully, apart from the carry on scene of Nicky and myself (me in the lead) running away, hilarious, all of us were fine and not hurt. But if one of us had been stung, dog or human I would have had Piriton to minister, or would have IF i had taken the first aid kit, naughty Tina.
Even on a normal walk, it is such a good idea to take
2 Piriton Tablets
1 pair of Forceps, for those horrible thorns that always get stuck in a dogs paw.
Mobile phone
I take more than that with me, but if I was told that I could take just 3 things, they would be the 3 that I would take. 
Teaching stop to Whistle & Flush   
Tinks and I did a very quick run through of how we teach the young ones stop to whistle, then leading onto stop to flush for a FB friend of ours.
We did it in one session and as I said it was very quick, but I thought you still might like to see it anyway
So here it is:)
You need Flash Player in order to view this.
A very quick run through teaching stop to whistle 29.7.12
To Puppy Owners and All
One last thing, if any of you wish to come over for a walk? Please do, just give me a call or drop me a line and I will look forward to seeing you and the dogs.
With the school holidays here, I know a lot of you will be tied up, but as soon as they go back and you fancy a walk, come on over.
Vicki, who normally comes over on a friday with her JJ will not be here for four weeks- 6 weeks because of the school holidays BUT as soon as Hols are finished Vicki will be back for walks, and hopefully you will be too :) Whatever the day of the week, you are welcome :)   
Please click on the pic's to Enlarge :)

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Wendy Hanson on 05 August 2012 11:04
Very nice little training video demonstrating making sure training is always successful from the start [keeping dog near to you when asking to Stop]. Presumably the Sit and don't move from Sit until released has been taught prior to this? Wendy
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Tina on 05 August 2012 11:22
Hi Wendy and Thank you :) Yes, the lady that I made the clip for had already taught the sit command, which is also the stay command with the gundog training, so I was able to leave that part out :)
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