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Days when you go 'Ouch' and 'Ahhh'

The 'Ouch' is from two injections I had into the right foot to help with the aches and pains that come from inheriting flat and ten-to-two feet from my father, fingers crossed the steroids will work!
Yep, we popped along to the cuckmere river once again as 'hop-along' (me ) isn't allowed to walk to far at the moment, so an ideal place to work Jay Jay physically, helping to get her fit without having to walk to far for me. Though we cannot take her again tomorrow as boredom will set in.
Anyway, she was a little gem again.
After a warm up we threw the dummy over to the otherside of the cuckmere, Jay Jay went in, swam over, clambered up the 4ft flat banking helped by the reed bed etc, retrieved the dummy and jumped straight off the banking into the water. Everytime she does this she completely disappears under the water because the drop is so high, bless her.
Then Jay Jay and I walked down the river bank path whilst Gary laid a blind for me over the otherside of the bank. I sent her back, stopped her and asked for an out with my left hand, she went out as requested and jumped into the water swimming across to the otherside, got onto the bank and retrieved the dummy. We were very pleased with her, especially as dotted along the river path are bushes, one huge bush blocks my view after she has taken the out command which means I cannot help her after that point if she goes wrong, which she didn't.
We repeated this exercise once again, Gary putting the blind out whilst I walked away, except this time we did it in an area that had no visible pathway into the water for her and it was also a spot where she had never retrieved from before, but this time Gary placed the dummy in the water halfway across, success always being the main aim.
Then we upped the ante one more time by placing the dummy into the water but on the side that we were on. You may think this to be the easier retrieve seeing as the dummy is closer but not at all, this is a tricky one as the dog does not expect the dummy to be there and the dummy is harder to see as it is hugging the bank.
I sent her back down the path asking for a stop and then asking for an out, and then as soon as I heard a splash (bushes still blocking my view) I gave her the command steady. Gary said she started to look for the dummy but could not see it as the currant had taken it away from its original spot, so Jay babe got out of the water run down the river tight to the waterline, got a whiff of the dummy and jumped in and retrieved it.
I am certainly happy the girl used her common sense when she couldn't find the dummy and couldn't see me, she is a little gem, says a very biased owner :)
We finished with a nice easy simple retrieve and came home very happy with her and I was not to wet for a change.

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