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Sheer bliss in the shelter of the Downs

This pic was taken on shoot last season
We have been kindly given permission to dog-in on one of the big local shoots and it is such a well looked after shoot that we are in seven heaven.
 We want to make sure we do a good job for the beat keeper whilst getting both the girls fit, and giving Jay Jay the opportunity to flush as many birds as possible without boring her, and neither dog will get bored there :)
It is a sheer joy to finally do what we need to with the girls to get them ready for the shooting season, whilst at the same time helping the shoot.
We started on saturday and we hope to visit the shoot every day we possible can. 
Jay Jay flushed more phesseys on the first morning there than she had done all year, and Mia just loved being back on shoot.
Both Mia and Jay Jay really need this for fitness as both are tiring very quickly whilst there. Thankfully the set up is perfect, varying cover gives the girls many things to push through, jump over and weave in-between and with added enticement of their knowing that game is about, they are driving hard and fast giving themselves a fabulous work-out.
 Jay Jay flushed more pheasants on the following day, not as many as the previous day but still plenty enough and it reminded me how
I love the fact that you can tell when she is on game and when she is not. This is something guns love as it gives them warning to get their guns ready, and it is something I love as I get a warning that things will be hotting up :)
We was working her down one side of a field when we saw the change in her which gave us the warning that game was in front, and about 2 mins later she found a baby pigeon that must have fallen out of the tree. 
We popped the baby in a safe place on a nice thick tree trunk just high enough to keep it safe and left it there in hope that it's mum would take care of her nearly but not quite feathered baby.
Today was just fabulous down there
We worked Jay Jay down one side of the field, where she had at least 50 birds running in front of her, she did not pull forward but worked beautifully tight stopping spot on to flush and to whistle as the birds went up flying back the way the beat keeper would be pleased to see them fly.
I then worked Mia on the next side of the field, but then had to hand my Mia over to Gary as he wants to work her on shoot. She and I find this very hard as I ache when I see her working and I am not the one working with her. She gets confused, blessed her, as when I was walking about 10 paces behind Gary whilst he was trying to work her, she kept coming back on the turn past me, ie she was still working for me even though Gary was the one with the whistle. So I had to hide, and then she worked well for him flushing more birds sending them home.
So pleased with both the girls, may they and we spend many a happy hour down there, as I'm sure we will, thanks to the kindness of the
Game keeper and the Beat keeper.

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