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Runners and Giggles on Shoot

Second shoot day of the season for Jay Jay so as is the norm in this house, the girl/girls who have worked that day come into the front room with us for a cuddle up where they sleep and we check for thorns etc. Jay Jay slept a very peaceful sleep, first on my sofa and then when I moved she went over to Gary on his sofa I was extremely pleased with her work today on shoot, she did a lot and learnt a lot :) The day had been dry and the company had been great and we had a quite a few giggles driving in the truck between drives. Gary and I had gone in the back of the open truck and had the luxury of two seats,’ YES, SEATS’, so we were quite high up and one could not help but wave to ones peasants as they went by, he he!  Steve the picker-up main man and all around gent made sure we all got a turn at the hot spots, so-to-speak, so all the team come away with a grin on their face. Which I really have to applaud him for, it really does make for a good day. He also had his 3 year old son with him, beautiful blue eyed child that as far as I could see was a well behaved darling of a child and all he needed to keep him happy all-day was a sweet every now and again and as many puddles as could be found for him. Whoever said dogs were not like children? Wrong, he he!  
Our hot-spot was the fourth drive, though saying that I think we all had a fab fifth drive. On the fourth drive we were on a bridge in the woods and she had fern, trees, deer, a couple of loose naughty dogs, and the stream plus the bends of the stream to deal with and the noise of the stream, which meant most of the birds we didn't see, we just heard them falling through the canopy if we were lucky enough, and yet she still found them :) Three of them were runners, two coming down at the same time. Thankfully with Gary there he was able to keep mark on one of the birds whilst Jay Jay retrieved the first runner, which was a strong cock bird which she caught on the run. As soon as she was back with that one off I sent her for the second one that Gary had watched, he had watched it as the bird ran into the stream and tuck itself in behind what appeared from the distance to be some part of a tree, so I sent her back and watched as she picked up the scent line to the bird and then picked up the bird, which was a flapper and another strong cock bird.
The fifth drive brought a mistake by me, only a little one :) But there was more work for Jay Jay to be done, with the wood and ravine behind us, fallen birds would need to be found. The first bird that went in I didn't hear it land but I sent jay jay and of course it had landed and from where I stood one could look down and watch her as she worked along the bottom picking up the scent line which lead her into bramble. Now the bramble ran all the way back up the hill, so once she found the bird she came all the way back up the hill through the bramble with the cock bird in her mouth and with me giving her a couple of toots on the whistle every now and again, just to reassure her if she needed reassurance, that she was heading the right way to get back to me. Something else she did that pleased me was a simple thing but something one needs their dogs to do, and that was after the runners, one landed close to us and she didn't move, which was good as it belonged to the walking gun who had his own dog with him :)
She learnt a lot yesterday, with the bird hiding in the stream tucked into that log, one squealer, the heavy flapper right over her eye and the runners, all teaching her an awful lot :) She nearly got confused on a simple retrieve when the walking gun, who was directly in line with her, was whistling quite a bit at his dog to get into a bush that was to the right, she stopped and looked at me for reassurance then retrieved her bird that was to the left
She is a darling and learning fast and well, bless her :)

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