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A Cracking Day on Shoot and

Some lovely walks and training session with the other dogs over the week.
 Jay jay was a gem on saturday, still more to learn but she is soaking each new experience in and showing us how much she is improving.
Now that she is having and has had all the excitement on shoot and on the shoot land, I have gone back to working her on pasture land during the week to keep her tight and listening, as she was starting to work wider because she was working most the time in woodland where her pattern looked perfect, but put her on grass or short crop and it looked, well a bit wild, shall we say!
On shoot she sits beautifully of lead waiting for the release command, not a murmur from her, though she shakes in anticipation with her eyes not blinking, bless her.
 On one drive I sent her out for the retrieve, and on her way back with the cock bird in her mouth, a hen was shoot, she sat and marked the fall beautifully and then came to me  without even the slightest thought of putting the cock bird down, Brilliant. She then returned for the hen bird and retrieved it to hand making us very pleased.      
Spot the Gun             
When we was on another drive she had 4 birds fall around her after quick succession. We were directly opposite the gun (in the picture) on the other side of the ravine and had another gun to the left of us on our side of the ravine.
The first one landed on the fa bank and we sort of blew that one, but it was half way up one of the the tall trees and didn't come down for 10 minutes. The third one was a very strong runner that landed five paces away from her, so she watched as it fell, and as it got up and started running, I waited just a few seconds to make sure she was rock steady and then gave her the release command whereupon she made straight for it, tackling it well and returning with a hard flapping bird. Very proud of her. She then went on to pick the rest of the pheasants up for me, a bit dizzy with excitement, but retrieving every one.
It was a cracking day on shoot, weather was kind to us and it felt as if it had all fallen into place for everyone that day, guns, beaters and pickers-up.
We cannot wait to get back to Stonewall Park Shoot, a shoot that is a joy to be part off and one we will have to come back from Scotland during the shooting season to catch up with everyone next year.
This lad liked the look of Jay Jay saturday                                                        And they say women can talk?
Not as much as men, he he he  
I managed to have some cracking walking and training sessions with the rest of the gang during the week, and on Friday Vicki came over with her JJ and we had a lovely walk, as we always do when we see Vicki and JJ.
Alfie will really miss his races with his grandson.
     Tinks the Minx                                                                                    and wonderful Mama Mia
JJ with his grandparents, Bella and Alfie

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