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Clothing for us Humans

I use to except getting wet as part of the norm, something that one just had to except when walking dogs. Then we found products that really did keep you dry, whatever the weather and even when jumping into streams,

Sheer Bliss. Being out all day with the dogs, or even just for an hour, can be ruined when wet and cold or uncomfortable.

Below is the clothing that we have tried and tested and found to be worth every penny. Though I will include some we haven't tried ourselves but have had been told are of a good standard and value for money, and I will state if we haven't tried the product ourselves.

Harkila Pro Hunter Trousers

They Say

As the name suggests, the clothing in this series is the best you can get. Neither more nor less. Each item in the Pro Hunter series is the result of the vast knowledge Härkila has about hunting and uncompromising standards for quality. No expense has been spared, and the result is a complete collection that covers all needs of the demanding hunter. In the functionality, durability and craftsmanship producing the Pro Hunter series is unique and for this reason Härkila offers a 5-year warranty.

Pro Hunter Trousers

The trousers are designed to withstand even the toughest use and are also equipped with key details to achieve this in conjunction with high levels of comfort. The trousers incorporate the soft and very comfortable Woodland Liner, high waist for good insulation, snow tab in trouser legs, thigh pocket where one can be divided into two and roomy front pockets. The trousers are of course prepared for both belt and braces. The Gore-Tex® membrane ensures that you stay dry no matter what the trousers are exposed to and the five-year warranty on Pro Hunter is guarantee of total satisfaction.

I Say of Harkila trousers

they are the one thing I would chose not to be without. You can jump into rivers with them and be totally secure in the knowledge you will stay dry. Push your way through the bramble without fearing the 'rip sound' that you would get with inferior clothing. They are warm, and yet I never get to hot in them. They are as comfortable as you could wish for from a pair of trousers, you will fall in love them!

Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX


Hunting Life Say

This is a review of the "Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX" boots as used by professional gamekeepers and hunters alike out in the field were it matters. The boot features a waxed leather upper with the meindl digafix system which helps create a perfect fit around the heel area, the boots also have a goretex inner lining to provide 100% waterproofing. The footbed area features a meindl air-active liner within the sole and traction area of the boot consists of a meindl multigrip by vibram with EVA shock absorber. The boots weigh on average (SIze 8) 980gm each. They have superior ankle support helping to prevent injuries on rough terrain or uneven ground, they also have a high rubber rand that runs around the full base of the boot preventing water ingress and abrasion to the leather.... These boots really do live up to the demand of the serious hunter and their meindl german heritage. Digafix Lacing System DIGAfix® - the flexible, pressure-free, diagonal fixing – ensures “all-round and more adjustable” lacing. Tightening takes place at the correct point, the hook is higher and protrudes less.

The boots are rated B/C for : • demanding trekking • extended hikes in the high mountains

I SayDovre Extreme GTX

A fantastic boot and again, something I would not want to be without. These take me everywhere, be that streams fields or rocky hills and I always feel totally secure in them. They are slightly heavy but that is something I am very happy to put up with when the bonuses so out-weigh that one thing.

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