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Buccleuch Estate with David Lisett

2 days Gun dog Training

Date: 5th & 6th of February 2013

Time: 9:00am, for the day on both days


We were so spoilt when we last went to Davids, though we always are, added extra was a trip to do some rabbiting with our older dogs, pure bliss.

We cannot wait to get back up to there, to learn under one of the masters in the gundog world and have a cracking time in stunning surroundings, with great people for two days, we would not miss this treasured time for anything.

Fully Booked



Buccleuch Estate


David Lisett

2 days Gun dog Training

Date: 7&th & 8th of February 2012

Time: 9:00am, for the day on both days

We cannot wait to get back up to David, we learn so much each time we go and the Kennels have superb training grounds around them for the dogs. It's two days we would not miss for anything.

We do have spaces left but we will only be taking with us people who are open to learn from one of the very best trainers, ever.

They also have to be people who have a light heart who will share two days of fabulous learning with 5 like minded people.

Please let me know if you are interested



Alfinmarsh Christmas Gathering 2011

Sunday the 4th of December

I love Christmas and we ardour winter. We also have the added pleasure of the Alfinmarsh Christmas Gathering to start the best month of the year off .

This year we have hired the Arlington Village hall, for just a bit of luxury in the cold month that is December :)

We will be awaiting your arrival at

12'00 clock, Directly opposite the Yew Tree Inn :))

Santa will also be waiting for the children in the warmth of the village hall. He complained last year as he was cold and we forgot him, he he he

This year however he will be warm and not forgotten as he will be waiting for the children as soon as they arrive :)

You see, he doesn't want to catch a cold before Christmas and after all, Santa and the reindeer will be rushed off their feet/hooves on the run up to Christmas eve.

So first on the list Santa shall be :))

All dogs can remain in the cars whilst we are in the hall. The car park surrounds the hall and can be seen from all windows, and is an enclosed car park ;)

We shall not leave the dogs for too long :)

Just while we partake in hot warming soup, mulled wine and mincemeat pies :)

Afterward the hounds can be released from their leads as we all go off for a walk across the fields that surround the Reservoir.

Alfie and Bella love the family walk with the children and Grandchildren they have not seen for an age and to see them all running is a joy.

No Scurry lanes this winter as we all get to cold standing around and we so missed having the walk with you all last year.

Little Ellie and Tinks will also be old enough to join us and no doubt will have a field day, once they have gotten over the numbers of you there he he he!


Some of you may wish to combine the walk with a sunday Lunch at the Yew Tree inn, which we can highly recommend, though I would advice to book early as it is a very popular country pub.

Gary and I will certainly be calling in for a drink after the walk and whom ever wishes to join us is quite welcome :))

So please do come along and have a great time catching up with the other Alfinmarsh owners and have the added joy of watching your dogs catching up with their relatives :))


Our Gang


The Villiage Hall


Don't forget your towels for the dogs :))



Alfinmarsh Water Picnic

In aid of the Lowland Search Dogs

on Sunday

May the 1st at 12.00

Come and join us at a private Lake where we have kindly been given permission to hold a Gathering of the Alfinmarsh Gundogs and Friends, to enable us to raise funds for a very worthy team of volunteers who give up their time to search for the lost and sometimes bewildered people who go missing.

Bring your own picnic and just sit and watch your dogs have great fun with their brothers, sister, Aunties, Uncles and grandparents. If you want, join in the fun at the waters edge with your dog. The woods that surround the lake our covered in bluebells this time of year.


Rosettes and certificates are up for grabs.

Bella may even dance for one or two of the children, if they reward her with enough sausages



Christmas Alfinmarsh Gathering

to be held this year (2010)

on sunday

December the 5th at 1'00pm

It was wonderful last year at The Alfinmarsh Christmas gathering to catch up with the owners and to watch the dogs have a great time running around and playing. Many of the boys wanted to prove to their dad (Alfinmarsh Alfie) that they had grown up into strong healthy boys by trying to out-run him, it was very tiring for Alfie bless him but he loved it!

We were caught out last year on the drink side, not getting our favourite mulled wine in soon enough, We promise NOT to be this year!

This time we will supply Mulled Wine, Sloe Gin and hot sausage rolls up in the barn.

We are also going to hold many Have-a-go games.


Over the sheep pens for the adults dogs and a mini one for the younger or inexperienced ones.

Apple Bobbing

we will supply towels for the wet doggies

The Sausage retrieve

A whole cooked sausage to be retrieved, good luck :-)

Best Party Trick

can your dog beg, walk backwards, pick up keys, any trick your dog does

is good for this game.

Pick and Mix

Two unseen dummies for the experienced dog.

Two Seen dummies for the less experienced and

One seen dummy to retrieve for the younger ones.

The young ones only have to retrieve back to the owner, no sitting required, just praise required.

And many more games

Basically you just have a go, at what you want, whilst having fun.

Of course anyone who wants to go for a walk through the fields still can. Gary or I will be popping off for a walk (just through the adjoining fields) with Alfie and Bella at some point as of course we will not be putting any of our dogs into the 'have a go games'. We will be to busy enjoying ourselves watching all of your Alfinmarsh dogs and I'll be too busy talking :-)

So company would be nice on the walk

We are lucky to once again, have the wonderful Ali Packham with us on the day from

We are also lucky to have Linda and Eric Morley there.

Two wonderful people who have more christmas spirit in their toes than some people have in their whole body.

Every christmas Linda and Eric come up with wonderful games for the dogs at her dog classes, and this year they will be helping us with our little event.

This will be a 'Pick and Mix of Fun' for allthe Dogs

so you can take part in whichever one you fancy, and at no time will there be more than one dog on each game.

The main aim of the games is fun!

though we will time you if you wish and

who knows you might go home with a Rosette

Don't get to excited, he he he!

We look forward to seeing you all

and even Farther christmas may turn up for the children?

Though if he does we will have to keep him hidden in the barn, just for the children to see.

Father Christmas is loved by all who sees him of course, but his outfit could scare the life out of the younger dogs, coco cola have a lot to answer for, he he he!




Buccleuch Estate


David Lisett

winner of this years Spaniel championships.

2 Training days

The only problem you will have is, once you have trained with David you will be Hooked!

Date: August the 18th & 19th, 2010

Time: 9:00am, for the day on both days

£60.00-70.00 per day per handler. Each Handler can bring up to two dogs.

We will be taking Mia and Jay Jay.

Because it is a shooting area, many of the near by Hotels and

BB's will take dogs.


Buccleuch Gundogs

Queensberry Estate

Drumlanrig Mains


Dumfries and Galloway


Gary, Mia and myself, on our last visit

to David at the Buccleuch Estate

Please get in contact with us at

Alfinmarsh Gundogs

for More information


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