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A beautiful day to start the training for the shooting season

Posted on July 30, 2011 at 10:34 AM

It is a cracking day aided by the beautiful area we live in.

What better day for getting the training started for the shooting session, even though Rosie is still with us and I did say I would wait until she left us on monday, but on a day like this how could I resist.

We got Jay Jay out in the back field, the long grass being cut and regular turned by the farmer. He was actually in the next field turning the hay whilst we had one of what will hopefully be the first of many sessions with Jay Jay on the run up to the shooting season. We need to give her the year she was meant to have last year before the barb wire incident. She has certainly rested long enough, so time to get cracking.

Mia is once again allowed with the pups, which she is loving. They have stopped attempting to get milk of her and actually play with her now. She as always her soft natured self with them with just the right amount of correction to them when needed and it is such a joy to see. I have captured it many times but the camera is playing up and will often wipe the whole session of the disc :(

Of course it only does so when I have captured the really cracking sessions, doesn't do it when I capture boring quiet moments.

I am missing the pups that have gone but we have found wonderful homes for them, so it is really happiness tinged with sadness. Once sweet Rosie has left home, we will start to train the two that stay behind, and I will try to capture some of it on tape, fingers crossed.

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