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A Cracking end to this Season on Hundred Acre Shoot

Posted on January 22, 2012 at 9:54 AM

Well yesterday was the end of this shooting season for us at the

Hundred Acre shoot

which is quite sad that the shooting season is over but it does mean we will now have time to work on Jay Jay and start the puppies training.

They really are a cracking bunch of people at Hundred Acre shoot :)

With the guns being such Gents, the beaters/pickers up being such a lovely bunch of people to spend time with and the shoot captain who throughout the year puts the hard work in and then he has to cope with what must be the even harder work, which is to deal with guns and beaters during the season.

Yes some dogs can drive you slightly mad when they run forward of the beating line But as the saying goes

'There but for the grace of God go I'

And as long as I get to work on the wonderful mixed crops that the shoot captain has put in and the dense brambles that my Mia loves, It is all worth it

I took Mia and Jay Jay and worked them as a brace through the cover crop, which we had all to ourselves.

Watching my girls pattern out in front of me, tight, flat and finding all the game that is in there is just


I so wish we had filmed it :(

Gary was beating the hedge so watched it all and he was soo proud of the girls, and it takes a lot to please Gary as he is such a perfectionist :)

He also said (as long as Mia could not see me) when he worked her on a couple of the drives, that she worked well for him, which says to me that I must get Ellie trained up for him as I can't lose my Mia to him, he he he

Jay Jay has lost her ability to stop cleanly and sharply to flush, but we will reclaim that over the summer. She has just got carried away, as all dogs who have there first full season do, in the sense that she now knows what it is all about and therefore needs reminding that we are a team at all times even when the excitement gets to her, bless her.

Still I can't help being proud of her as she had hardly any training during the summer and then 10 weeks out before the start of the season with my knee so none then either. So yes, whilst I know she can do a lot better, I am proud that she has coped so well when we have given her so little in training to prepare her for this past season.

We are extremely pleased of our Mia who has had no training during the run up to the shooting season with her having a litter during the summer and again MY Knee problem.

Yet she was wonderful on shoot, gives us great hope for Jay Jay as Mia went through the same stage at 2 that Jay Jay is now going through.

Mia worked hard, fast, and covered all ground well on the shoot and when asked to find game that the picker ups could not get to, our Mia came through with shinning colours, so love that girl.

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