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Back at Hamptworth after to long away

Posted on August 27, 2011 at 2:35 PM

It was so good to be back at Hamptworth and something that our sweet Jay Jay needs as she has been away since the 2nd of May and the time before that was in march.

She truly is a gem to be such a sweetie and yet not have the luxury of working on game often, hardly at all with the trips to Hamptworth being the only times she has actually come into contact with game this year.

In the clip Jay Jay needed a stern 'sit' to hold her in place as she can in excitement (not a lot but on a occasions) stop to flush and then come back to me instead of holding her place. This is aided by my excitement over the flush, I'm still like a child full of excitement when the girls are working in front of me. But, I as a handler do things wrong as well, so we forgive each other.

We are going to try are hardest to give her the winter she should have had last year and to give her as much experience as possible.

Nick is a dream trainer who knows me to well :) I still need to improve greatly, as you can see from the clips but Jay Jay and I are not doing so bad for and just need more confidence and experience.

They were plenty of game in front, giving her some nice flushes, which must lift her spirits to know there is actually something out there as when we work in our fields it's just rabbits that see us coming a mile off because it is mainly sheep fields.

After dogging Nick set up four retrieves as we walked back to the cars, she retrieved all four, blissfully, which pleased me as she can get bored with dummies after the real thing.

Nick meet Tinks and Ellie as we had took them along for the experience of the car journey(four hour round trip) different areas and meeting different people. They got the all clear from him, which pleased us greatly as did the fact that Jay Jay allowed Ellie and Tinks to share the cage on the journey, with no problems :))

We feel blessed to have Ellie and Tinks, such different personalities and both pups are a total joy, most of the time, he he he !

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