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Bella, Cancer, and cream cheese

Posted on March 4, 2017 at 11:44 AM

So wonderful Bella who is thirteen very soon, decided to chew a towel, thirteen years old and she reverts to puppy hood, bless the cheeky toe rag. Anyway, when the vets opened her to remove the towel, they sadly found legions and nodules all over her liver, cancer. They phoned me while she was on the table, they wanted to inform me about what they had found and to see if I therefore wanted them to still go ahead with the surgery even though she may have not recovered from the surgery, and even if she did she may not have had long with us or may only be with us for a few months, I of course said for them to continue.

She is three weeks on and doing so well, she has healed wonderfully thanks to the very good stich work by the vet, an excellent vet called Wendy in Nithvalley surgery, Thornhill. Bella has no outward signs of the cancer as yet, and at her age may never show signs of it for it is hopefully a very slow growing (very very slow growing) one and dogs can cope with only 30% of liver function, so we are hopeful.

At the moment Bella is more like a puppy than a thirteen year old, so fingers are crossed, and the plan is to forget the cancer but to make sure her body is as healthy as possible, especially her liver.

She has raw food every evening with the other girls, and in the morning they all have either porridge/cottage cheese mixed in with sardines in tomato juice/ or scramble egg. Bella wouldn't eat the cottage cheese without the tomato juice, she knows what she wants and we obey, he he he!

We are also going to be putting her onto Turmeric as we did Alfie, and later (if she needs it) a product that has milk thistle and more in it to help her.

She has been a Gem of a dog, so whatever keeps her puppy like we will happily provide.

Heck, she doesn't even look old yet, let alone thirteen.

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