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Bella, Tinks and Jay Jay

Posted on October 16, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Bella is on the way to recovery, thankfully :)

Today she was back with the pack, which is wonderful. I will again sleep in the front room with her tonight though, but hopefully she will eve be sleeping with the pack tomorrow night.

Bella getting a cuddle

Jay Jay doing a retrieve with little sister trying to help

Jay Jay and her Mini-me, Tinks

Puppies have had so little training because of my knee, but there is not a lot I can do about that, just have to hope we can catch up without any damage to their abilities.

We did however get to venture out today into the field next to us with Tinks and Jay Jay, Tinks coming with us for the fun and experience of watching Jay Jay.

It was fun to watch her enjoying being out there and great to get Jay Jay out for some work.

Jay Jay in the field with us today

Tinks got to play by the chooks and to hunt for her sister's retrieve items, Jay Jay being a sweetpea asking permission to pick it when Tinks had beat her to one because she started of so much closer to it then Jay Jay, he he he!

Tinks also did a retrieve for Gary and of course I was a back seat driver on that :) Terrible women that I am :)

Gary & Tinks doing their first retrieve together

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