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Happy New Year, may it be a kind one

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 5:47 PM

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope 2016 was a good year for you and that 2017 is a kind year for you, and a year where you share that Kindness towards your dogs for after all they are the animal that gives us such loyalty and work so hard for us that our kindness is the least we should give them.

Our Christmas was exactly what was needed, rest and more rest, good company, family and even a family wedding thrown in, and then more rest!

Jay was on rest for the run up to Christmas because of her leg, but Christmas day was her first walk and she thoroughly enjoyed, unlike the taking of the pic above that I loved and they hated, bless them. She also had gland problems ;) a trip to the vet and sudocream worked a treat on that!

For myself 2016 was a hard year, the hardship came in more than one form and the hardest was the lose of my brother to cancer, he had battled against it for over three years, leaving his wife and two young children behind. He went as well as one could of imagined his passing to be for him for he went after eating a Chinese take-away meal in his own bed, he had his wife on one side and his mother on the other, and he went fast but with just enough time to say and hear the words one would hope to say and hear before passing. He and I were the youngest of the family and not much age difference between us, so throughout or school ages he was there and we protected one another and teased one another as siblings do, both giving each other nicknames that would tease the other one. On his passing the family took strength from the knowledge that Ashley was no longer in pain, it's the little ones that suffer though his children, and of course my mother and his wife. Sadly so many other families are effected by cancer, we have lost friends during late 2015 and late 2016 to this horrid disease and their families are dealing with their lose! We (I) have also had to deal with some vile bullying on the internet once again in 2016, and even though the police have stepped in numerous times and have made it so the person cannot speak to me or come near me (fingers crossed), though he still continues talking/lying etc about me on the internet, sad person that they are! All because I signed a petition, because I know that one does not need to hit a dog to train it, at all. Sadly the person stalked me and found out that I have a live long medical condition so they see this as a weakness that they can prey on, in their sick mind. 240'000 of us signed a petition to make the RSPCA aware of that person. So many of us can and have trained with kindness, to very high standards. We don't just train with kindness for 95% of the time and hit the dog for the other 5% of the time, we train with consistency/clarity/ Love/joy and kindness 100% of the time using our voices and body language and brain. We know for some people that they cannot get their minds around this, even though the techniques are very simple, and we know that sadly some people enjoy giving punishment and therefore need to believe it is impossible to train a dog without the use of punishment, but humans (most) are intelligent and caring enough to teach a dog without ever using physical punishment as a training method. People who use physical punishment often say things like.... 'I'm only showing/telling you how everyone else trains, it's just they are to PC to show you!'... that is wrong. You will see that the people who give physical punishment are also not being truthful about the punishment they give because even though they talk about physical punishment they do not often show it, and when they do show the physical correction it is a very tame version of the physical punishment that they give the animals when the tapes aren't rolling. We watched one clip last year that showed a women entering a cage with a food bowl for a dog, she states she has cured it's food aggression but does not show you how she has cured it, though to anyone watching that clip one can see how she has cured it for as she places the food down she flicks her empty hand at the dog and the dog flinches away, the dog flinches away more than likely because it had been hit previously by the trainer when the dog went to the food, and the dog would have more than likely been hit very hard to make sure the dog backed away in total fear and does not even think about moving forward to retaliate. If the trainers were being totally honest they would show the supposed food aggressive dog at the start of their training, and the person would film in real time their training of that dog not to be food aggressive so one could see the corrections used, for after all if they are showing you how to correct a food aggressive dog but do not show the methods that they use and the actual training of said dog how are you to learn the methods that they supposedly want to pass on? Up shot is, if someone cannot show their training methods in detail to you... Don't train with them.. move on to a good trainer for there are plenty out there if one does their research first. Hopefully this quite nasty abuse I have been receiving from that person will soon be stopped once and for all, for Adults should behave far better and in a more decent manner on the internet or what hope do our children have from people like that. Our home has been the joy in 2016, my safe place and my serendipity, and a place that enriches the soul on the lowest day which mean that annoying smile of mine is still on my face. Our walks (me and the girls) are in the garden so to speak for the fields are right there, wrapped around us bringing the wildlife in and yet because of it's 'slight secluded placement' keeping it peaceful and left alone from the world outside. I so look forward to receiving family and friends here once again in 2017, give us a call you never know I might let you into my serendipity...if your as mad as I am for kindness, wildlife, dogs and joy!

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