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Life on Hold but Red Light has gone to Orange, on hold still but getting closer to Go

Posted on October 6, 2011 at 10:08 AM

Well today I went for a walk with Tracy, sounds such a normal thing to do but not for a women who hasn't been allowed out because of damage to a knee for such a long time apart from twice without permission :)

Tracy brought Rhett over (Bella & Alfie's son) and Bella and I headed of on a walk with them across the fields.

Poor Tracy has more than likely never walked so slow in her life before, having to keep my very slow pace and I thank her for her patience.

Bella could not control her enjoyment over being out, on her way back to us after flushing a pheasant she yapped half the way back, he he he!

I really look forward to our next walk Tracy, hopefully I'll walk faster :)

Oh and don't forget Alfinmarsh owners, the dogs and I (depending on the knee) are up for a walkes with any of the Alfinmarsh gang :))

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