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Poor dogs, poor mum

Posted on September 16, 2011 at 9:37 AM

Poor dogs have been in for over a week now as this silly person fell down the stairs hurting her knee and ankle.

Hospital banned me from walking but I have escaped once with Jay Jay to Chris's shoot and will escape tomorrow but this time it will be to Nick at Hamptworth Estate :)

I shall strap myself up and pile the pain killers into me to keep me walking :))

I have also done a few retrieves with Tinks on 3 occasions, though I had to stand up when doing these retrieves so I didn't push my luck :))

I used a half pound rabbit dummy which she took too straight away :))

Bella & Mia are in season so poor Alfie is in the kennel, well I should say in the cabin

as he spends most of his time in there bless him.

He comes into the house at night but he is to clever to come into the house during the day as he has been known to open the baby gates & doors

to get his wicked way with the girls he he he

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