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Sun is out and the season of Joy comes ever closer

Posted on August 14, 2011 at 4:50 PM

It is soooo good to be back training the girls, and a total joy to have the puppies in the house, Both of them :) But I am now realizing how Unfit we all are including myself. Thankfully because we are only booked for the Pheasant season, we have a bit more time to remedy that, Phew!

Jay jay doing a seen, memory and blind this afternoon, shattered bless her

I had Jay jay out in the fields early this morning and her heart was lifted to see so many rabbits, mine was lifted to see her work, I love watching that girl hunt. Unfortunately the rabbits saw us, so no flushes to be had but it did leave plenty of scent to work on.

It did mean however that when Jay jay had her dummy training this afternoon she was shattered and not her sharp fast self, so we ended the session on a good note and quit before it all went wrong.

Mia is being a darling, remembering all she has been taught but with that cheeky attitude they get with experience :)

I sent her out for a 200ft seen that went over a brow in the field, therefore I lost sight of her as she moved towards the dummy, but Gary could see her. Afterward he told me that she had picked the dummy up but then proceed to check out nearby rabbit holes (never letting go of the dummy) before heading back over the brow as if butter would not melt in the mouth, and as cool as a cumber :))

Mama Mia doing a seen and memory last night

The pups are growing by the day and now have a 10 minute walk through the fields every evening with us.

Both have their own characters coming through with Ellie being the one who loves people, to the extent that when her sister is off in la la land, Ellie will happily stay with us.

Tinks on the other hand is a pure 'moth hunter' at heart and couldn't careless where we are :) But she is cracking at her retrieves, something we do only every other day with the girls at the moment throwing 3-4 balls each time.

We always make them sit for the meals, so four times a day they sit-up and beg :) Though we only give them 20grams of their dry for their last meal which is Arden Grange and they really love it.

They spent most of the today playing out the back with the adults watching them, and I bet the adults were thinking to themselves 'where do those pups get their energy from?' :)

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