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The shooting season has started

Posted on October 31, 2011 at 4:34 AM

I really didn't think we would make the first day of the season for our shoot, but we did, thanks to our excellent shoot captain who allowed me to change sides and go with the pickers up.

There was no way that my knee would have coped on the beating line and as it turned out I was not the only one injured. One of the main Pickers-up had damaged there knee, so was unable to make it and another one was down with 'man flu'. In fact there was injuries everywhere, dogs and humans.

Next time I do picking up, there will be a picture of me with pad & pen in hand marking the birds down as they fall, he he he :)

My hat goes off to the regular Pickers-up' :)

I was marking the birds falling on one drive when two of the beating dogs broke out from the crop field and started pinching the fallen, one dog picking up a bird but then only to place it back down on the ground. That was it, my tiny little brain could not keep track of the positions of the birds being moved, the ones being pinched and still keep an eye on the ones still falling.

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