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Todays bit of fun

Posted on October 23, 2011 at 2:00 PM

Well my knee maybe upset with me for doing it but today I managed to do a bit of work with Tinks and then Jay Jay, with Gary's help.

We did a bit of quartering with Tinks in this sectioned of part of the field, our 'lets pretend rabbit pen'. She has her parents genes in her as she does it all naturally so my aim will be to not hinder her in the training process but to nurture her and Ellie to their full potential.

The rest of the gang will be taken out tomorrow by Gary who is Taking time off partly to get the dogs out after their many weeks in, and to prepare for the winter. Whilst Bella and myself are on a slow recovery plan the other dogs will really appreciate his in put :)

Jay Jay had retrieves out in the field and after she got some of the excitement out of her system, she settled down to do some nice simple retrieves.

Just 5 training sessions in 5 weeks for her, that girl has got every right be buzzing when she comes out, though bless her it didn't take to long for her to settle back down.

I still can hardly see that teal dummy, spec savers her I come, he he he

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