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Update on Ana

Posted on October 5, 2011 at 7:23 AM

Know known as Bluebell, Belle for short. Her new owners are over the moon with her and I think, I am pretty certain, that Belle is over the moon with them :)

Shirley & Bob have been kind enough to give me a daily report on Belle and I could not thank them enough.

Here is some of Yesterday and todays updates from Shirley

'Bluebell went off lead from just outside the car park until just outside car park coming back. No problems, she is great off lead, always stopping and checking I am still there or coming back if she can't see me. What a star! She is such a happy little soul and our Annie has been ever so good with her. I am going to take her for her microchip hopefully later today.

I am in no doubt she is definitely not going anywhere but here for ever now. She has certainly got her feet under the table, taken over all the toys and if she had her way all the cuddles as well. We have to make sure we fuss Annie at the same time as Bluebell so she doesn't get her nose put out of joint! Just going out for our luchtime walk when Bluebell will be introduced to Bertie (chocolate Labradoodle) for the first time. I walk him weekday lunchtimes and he is very good with other dogs.'

Todays update

'Bluebell seems to spend her evenings zonked out on the sofa with us having spent her day in a combo of play, walk, eat, sleep but not necessarily in that order. Think she loves the companionship she is getting as I am with her most of the time and I am able to leave her with Annie or another dog if I don't take her out with me so she is never on her own. We are amazed how quickly she has settled. You would think she had come straight here from you at 8wks! She is so easy.

Weather permitting, we hope to go away for the weekend to a lovely Caravan Club Site in Hampshire where there is a huge enclosed dog area and you can walk for miles in the woodland adjacent to the site. We feel confident she will stay with us off lead so that is going to be fantastic for all.'

Shirley was kind enough to send me these 3 pic's and more of Belle on her morning walk. They live in such a beautiful area that must have been designed with springers in mind :)

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