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What a busy four weeks this has been

Posted on February 19, 2011 at 3:16 PM

This blog will be about the everyday training and day to day events of Alfie, Bella, Mia and Jay Jay, our wonderful Alfinmarsh Gundogs. It will also have the updates that we receive from the puppy owners and any events.

Just to give you a taster of what we get up to, their is a quick piece of the past four weeks below. From then on I will try to update on a regular basis with more detail

Hope you Enjoy

Busy Four Weeks

we have had

Our first trip away this year was to the Spaniel Championships in Northumberland, and what a cracking time we had. Great people who shared their time with us even though this was 'The' event

of the year for them.

We even ate at the top table as the Spaniel Club really do take care of new people, and they knew the only people we knew (at the time) had not arrived yet. We cannot thank Liz, Steve and Barry enough for their kindness to us

We stayed at a beautiful B&b which was owned by a couple who made sure all our needs where catered for. Wonderful large room with a very comfortable bed.

It was whilst there David ( David Lisett ) gave us a dvd of Ftch Buccleuch Pepper, who we will be mating with Jay Jay when she comes into season.

Below is a you tube clip Of Jet Aka Ftch Buccleuch Pepper

We then came back to finish up the shooting season, taking Jay Jay to the shoot to give her the experience she needed. Because of a torn tongue (5 stitches which meant she was out for over a month) she had only been on shoot one other time. Apart from the shock she got from the electric fence (which should have been off) all went very well and I could not fault her as she worked hard and well in the beating line, and when on peg she sat quietly, doing as asked and even chasing down a big and hard runner. Mia when on shoot (out for some of the season with a ripped teat for a while) was a total sweetheart to me, as she always is.

Then we made the bi annual trip up to Davids for two days training with him at the Buccleuch Kennels. Anyone who can get a chance to see David and train with him, really should take the opportunity to do so, he has a way with dogs that is a vision to behold. Gary and I consider ourselves very lucky in being able to train with David, and with Nick Gregory from Hamptworth Estate. Just a Shame David is in Scotland, and Nick in Hampshire. The views are stunning at Davids as the picture below shows, but unfortunately (unlike the pic below which was taken last August) the weather was against us this time and rained throughout on the second day. But still worth the trip as we picked up a few more tips from him to use with the girls. The tips I will pass on over the next week.

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