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Wonderful Mondays

Posted on July 5, 2011 at 12:56 AM

Mondays are great days as most monday's at least one of the puppy owners comes to us for a family walk, which our dogs love and so do I. This Monday Vicki came across in the morning with JJ (Mia's 1st litter) and we did our normal walk across the fields and through the woods. With the wheat getting tall, the name of the game is, spotting the dogs through their 'bow waves' as both JJ and his Grandma Bella, stick their nose to the scent lines in the crop. Bless them they even collide with each other last week, so intent on the scent and not looking where they were going.

Now with the puppies here, our Jay Jay and Mia have been neglected, so I was determined to get Jay jay out for a good trip. So in the afternoon Nicky, with her Honey, picked us up and we headed of to the cuckmere and my farouite spot by the river. Clever Nicky took made this clip from slow motion footage she took with her camera of the two dogs having a great time

Where we go to has concrete slopes running into the water, which is great for the dogs, and a clear view to throw dummies to the otherside of the bank.

Though the reason I love it there?

It is a most peaceful place.

Just down stream, and in view of us is an iron bridge which leads you to the Arlington Resevoir where even an Ospey or two can be spotted on a good day. It lies in open fields and with just the right breeze the long white grass with it's dancing butterflies and musical grasshoppers could rock you to sleep for a naughty afternoon nap. The church steeple is always in view and just adds the last piece to the artist canvas. Just to add perfection for us, a single tree has been placed to make a wonderful natural Summer parasol.

Good company, idylic spot and the dogs thoroughly enjoying themselves,

what more could anyone want? Ah yes, one more thing, the time to go into the wonderful Yew Tree Inn afterwards

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